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Blood Samples

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Hands That Care Mobile Phlebotomy comes to your location with all the equipment necessary to easily and properly obtain the requested samples. Our experience enables us to adapt to every environment, and ensure the integrity of our tests.

Specimens are hand delivered to the patient's insurance preferred lab. For research cases, Hands That Care Mobile Phlebotomy uses electronic tracking to ensure that your sample is on time and properly identified.

Types of Services:


  • Mobile Phlebotomy Services

  • Health Wellness Screenings 

  • Collection & Transportation of blood specimen or other specimen besides blood (urine, stool, etc)

  • Quality & Care of delivery of speciman to lab of your choice

  • Paramedical Exams

  • Special lab kits (call for details)

Schedule your appointment online or call and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. 

Prices will vary by your location and servies that are provided. 

Please contact us for questions about HTC Mobile Phlebotomy payment options.

Lab Requisitions / kit draw forms need to be completely filled out and emailed to or fax to 689-223-4647 along with a copy of your insurance card (front/back). This will ensure our phlebotomist  will arrive with the proper equipment and also prepare your specimen for collections. PLEASE FAX REQUISITION FORM AND PHYSICIAN ORDER FORM

Please follow your providers instructions (fasting or drink plenty of water)

After staff has arrive to perform the blood draw, your specimen will be delivered to the disgnated laboratory for specimen processing. Specimens are processed under the protocol of the laboratories policy. Results are sent directly to ordering provider.

HTC Mobile Phlebotomy WILL NOT schedule an appointment WITHOUT completed documents. 



Who We Service:
• Assisted Living Facilities

• Home Health Agencies

• Office/Home
• Nursing Homes / Group Homes
• Private Patients
• Physician Offices
• Schools for the mentally challenged

• Insurance companies

We also offer discount options with businesses, corporations, agencies, etc. wtih more than one client. 

We are able to service many facilities and homes where there are more than one patient that needs blood work. For single patient homes, we will set up a time to accommodate the patient at their best convenience. If the most convenient location and time is at home or even during a lunch break, HandsThat Care Mobile Phlebotomy is ready to serve.

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